Braver Than We Are (Reprise)

We’ve survived the dread
Now I keep you in my arms
Till the morning sunshine melts our fears away
Good love can’t go bad
There is nothing that can harm us
Having battled through the night
We will win the day
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
Never out of love
Never out of mind
What a lovely start
What a way to end
We will never part
Beyond the forest over the hollow
I know a place so peaceful and joyous
Lead me, I’ll follow

Now we can fly like the angels in the sacred air
Higher and higher above the world and all its cares
Everybody’s ready to fly
But the storms never so very far
Our lives are shining like a star
and salvations never very far
Salvations never very far
Now we can be
so much braver than we ever are
Now we can fly…

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